4 my English readers (are there any of them?)

Ehi readers!
Today I’m going to write in English. Are you wondering why?
Well, last week I saw (thanks to WordPress.com) that one reader from US read my blog (or some posts). I was thrilled to bits when I realized that someone coming from the other part of the world has been reading what I had to say!!!! Maybe he/she just came up to my blog for chance, but it doesn’t matter to me, I am really proud and..concerned: what if he/she hasn’t understood nothing at all?

What’s more, during these days I’m watching so many American series and I’m trying to improve my English skills. Even if I study English at the University, I feel like speaking English every moment!
Here’s a question: what kind of English??
They are different, the British and American one, that’s a fact. Understanding American English is quite easy for me, while British English..well, they don’t open their mouths..how am I supposed to understand them? I’m joking, of course. But here’s the problem. It’s hard to speak and understand both very well.
I upload a video from New Girl (speaking of American series, OMG I really love this show, especially Zooey Deschanel, amazing!!)


(around 0:55)

I started talking in English since I have memories. I’m not kidding, of course it was any English at all, it was an invented language, but I love speaking that way. That’s the reason why from the age of 10 my dream was learning English and being able to speak it “like a real English girl”.
I used to listen to the songs, stop them every 2 minutes and write down what I could understand. I wrote also many letters to my aunt in Australia, I was so happy when she wrote me back saying that I was very good at it!!

What I like more of the English language, is learning the idioms. Some of them are soooo real and true.
Today I found this one:

Swim or sink

Damn, so true. It suits me well.

Well, I’ll be able to go on and on and on writing in English, but I think it’s time to stop here.

If any of you would like to speak English with me, I’m here! 😉 Just give me a shout

P.S. I found this sentence I wrote down a loooong time ago: “When I speak English, it’s like flying to an other world, just me and the words”. I think I’m in love with this language.

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